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Physical Education

Curriculum statement for Physical Education


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The intention of PE at Robertswood is to provide the children with the knowledge, skills and understanding to perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. Through a well-structured and progressive school curriculum we enable all children to develop an understanding of a healthy lifestyle and make connections between physical health and a healthy mind with the intention that children will develop skills that they can carry through to their adult life.



During physical education lessons, children learn various skills and strategies throughout their time at Robertswood. Our curriculum enables children to maximise their potential and see the benefit in long-term participation in physical activity and sport. Teaching and learning focuses on fundamental movement skills in KS1 which allows children to focus on game play and strategy when they progress in KS2. The focus on developing the fundamentals of physical movement and wellbeing, allow us to develop the skills and disciplines associated with many team and individual sports. We incorporate such skills into football, netball, tag rugby, basketball, cricket, tennis and rounders. Our outdoor and adventurous curriculum is suitably enhanced by Year 5 and 6 residential trips which enable our children to experience team building pursuits which enhance self-esteem and allow for further expression. We celebrate competition and the setting of ‘personal goals’ through our two collaborative Sports Days which are always well supported by the wider community.


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Our children enjoy playing sports and partaking in physical activities and are competitive against themselves, as a team and as a House group. They understand the importance of physical activity and its link to mental health. The children in KS2 also have the opportunities to play football and netball matches against other schools and take part in leagues with other local schools. In recent years, the School has been successful in winning district football cups and School Games competitions. The impact will be monitored by the end of the year through assessment and observations.


Buckinghamshire School Sports Partnership

We have joined a cluster of over 40 primary schools in Buckinghamshire School’s Partnership. Our full membership allows us access to:

• Specialist PE teaching staff with a wealth of experience who work alongside our teachers to improve PE teaching

• A network of schools for continued professional development opportunities and shared good practice

• A wide range of sports festivals which allow competition above intra level to increase children’s participation in national school games competitions.