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Residential Update

Ufton Court 2024 - Year 4


What an amazing day Year 4 have had! We were greeted from the coach by some Saxons who took us straight into our first set of activities. These included searching for runes and learning about Saxon skills. We then refuelled at lunch before embarking on the most challenging task of the day - making the beds. Luckily, with a lot of teamwork, the beds were made and we went straight into our next activity which allowed us to explore the grounds at Ufton Court. With dinner still to come and some evening activities, we still have more excitement to come. We will report back tomorrow with a further update. 


The end of an exciting first day. Everyone is exhausted and ready for a good nights sleep. Most of the children are asleep and everyone is snuggled down. Further updates in the morning. Good night.


Good morning from Ufton. The children have had a good night sleep and everyone was up at 6.30am raring to go. Breakfast has been enjoyed by all and they are all excited for today's activities. 

The children had a wonderful time this morning exploring the farm and making a bow and arrow set. They were able to milk pretend cows, grind wheat and weave on a loom. Once they had made their bow and arrow set, the children had a go at launching the arrows in the garden. The children have enjoyed a delicious lunch of jacket potatoes. Excitement is mounting as the children prepare for the banquet this evening.


After a brilliant afternoon of looking at Saxon artefacts the children feasted on chicken, potatoes, sweetcorn and bread at the banquet. Lots of food was eaten and some superb story telling took place. To add to the atmosphere everyone dressed up in Saxon clothing. The children are now settling down for the night and looking forward to the final day of activities. 


A wonderful final day at Ufton. The children tucked into a lovely breakfast refuelling ready for the final day. After breakfast, the children transformed into brave, fearless warriors to take part in the famous raid. The children then enjoyed a picnic lunch and they are now on the coach making the return journey to school. The children will be dismissed at the usual time from the side doors of the hall. Thank you to a wonderful team of staff who have given the children a magnificent opportunity.