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Star Values

The Star Values

Our Star Values underpin everything we do at Robertswood. They are used at all points in the school day to guide and support all members of the school community to be kind, considerate and thoughtful to each other. They promote a positive attitude to learning and encourage everyone to be the best that they can be.

Our Values...

  • treat others as you would like to be treated
  • listen to others and don't interrupt
  • think before you act or speak
  • always be polite
  • always be honest
  • look after the school and its grounds
  • move quietly and sensibly in school
  • always allow people to work hard and concentrate
  • always try hard to do your best in everything that you do
  • respect others and their belongings

Weekly awards

In our Friday, whole school assembly, we announce our Stars of the Week, our Respect Token winners and our Best Class Attendance Award winner. Please see our weekly Information Sheet for more details.


Building Essential Skills


Running alongside our values are eight essential skills. Known by many different names, these eight skills map across to the four domains that come up time and again as essential whether in the context of education, employment or entrepreneurship. In pairs, they cover interpersonal, self-management, creative problem-solving and communication skills. Research has shown that building these eight essential skills can support the emotional wellbeing and academic success of children and young people, as well as preparing them for life beyond school.   

These eight skills underpin the Skills Builder Framework and we use them as part of discreet lessons teaching the skill and across a variety of subjects. Each class has a display  highlighting the criteria underpinning each skill. Children enjoy trying to switch on all 8 lights connected with each skill when they have used them as part of a lesson. 

Every week we focus on one of these skills and a child from each class is awarded their class's 'Skills Superhero'.